Wedding Jacket

Wedding Jacket


Make a statement on your big day that is totally unique.  Every time I make one of these beauties, I kick myself a little for not thinking of this on my big day!!  

Here’s How it Works:

I know everyone has a particular taste in jacket style, color, and material…so you send me YOUR fav jacket in the mail, and I work my magic!

Once the order is placed I will reach out to you with information on how to send your jacket to me. If you don’t already have a jacket on hand, some of my favorite denim jackets come from Old Navy or Target, and H&M has some really great leather/pleather options too!

The wording & florals on your jacket are completely customizable!  "Just Married" is just the beginning of the endless options you can have lettered...a few of my other favorites: "Mrs. [New Last Name}" and "Wifey"

If you’re planning a wedding, I’m pretty positive that Pinterest is already one of your most visited sites, so while you’re over there, grab some inspo and feel free to send it my way!

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