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I'm married to the first guy I met in college, even though we didn't kiss until the night before graduation, I'm the cool-not-regular mom to three babes, and the creator and head designer behind krorerdecor.

I am imperfect and undone in God's love...constantly needing to re-center my identity in Him.  This is always the obvious answer after I've strayed away and hustled towards the earthly & shiny (again) only to come up exhausted and unfulfilled (again)...Thankfully His love is so big and unexplainable.  I'm beyond thankful for the grace that I time and time again need, don't deserve, and receive. 

You can usually find me in some form of sweats chasing around our two little girls with baby TJ in my arms, and rocking some plastic Disney Princess accessories, or being an audience member to a 10 star toddler performance. 

My better half, Troy, is the kinda guy who will stay up until 2am on a Sunday night to help turn a dining room into an office for you.  He still races me to the car after dates and reminds me to fuel up on quality time with my people (even when the to-do list isn't finished).

Quality time with my tribe (accompanied by any form of pizza) is my love language.

About the shop...

KRorerDecor started as a small idea that I was a little bit afraid of...and even more crazy to chase (especially considering I was 9 months pregnant with our Gracie on the original launch day in 2015!)  I'm constantly in awe of the big stories I get to be a small part of through this shop, Im constantly challenged by the amazing ideas my clients ask me to create, and I'm constantly thankful that I get to call this my job.